We are operating our programmes until FRIDAY 20th March 2020. We will then be suspending all programmes

Youth Vision’s  priorities are to continue to support our service users in a way that is safe, helpful and in line with all current Government advice and regulations.

We will continue to take referrals from our partners with the aim of resuming normal operational procedures once the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) has passed and we are given the all clear to resume our face-to-face work supporting our service users.

Our staff will check in via phone and messaging with young people, to provide continuing personal development and wellbeing support.

We will continue to provide updates, news and support via our Facebook  page.

Please look after yourself and others during this difficult time and remember that we are here if you need someone to talk to.

The Youth Vision Team



All staff (including committee members) and volunteers MUST follow this policy.  This policy will remain in place while the Local and National Governments advise caution must be taken. This policy may be amended in line with NHS and Government guidelines at any time and an amended copy will be issued to all staff and volunteers as required.

ALL must follow all advice issued by the British and Scottish Governments at all times.


Symptoms and Actions

Staff must wash their hands when entering and leaving the office.

If any staff member or volunteer develops a new continuous cough and/OR high temperature and/OR are having difficulty breathing, they must take steps to self-isolate and contact the Field Manager as soon as reasonably practical.

The Field Manager must inform any volunteer or staff member who may have had close contact with the staff member/volunteer as soon as possible so they can decide if they need to self-isolate.

If the Field Manager is informed of a service user who has become ill or is self-isolating, they must inform any staff member that may have had contact with the service user.

If the Field Manager decides to self-isolate or develops symptoms, they must inform the Chairperson who will contact staff and volunteers.


Social Distancing

All staff and volunteers should refrain from physical contact with any other member or service users.

This does not apply during first aid situations or extreme situations within the sessions. Extreme situations include prevention of accidents or intentional injury.


Dealing with Service Users

We encourage all young people and service users who have contact with elderly or vulnerable relatives TO NOT ATTEND Youth Vision.

A responsible person will ask all service users to review the COVID19 Warning poster prior to beginning the session. They will be asked to answer to the best of their knowledge.

Prior to the session, service users will be asked to wash hands either with soap and water for 20 seconds or to use a sanitizing hand cleanser.

During the session, all service users will be reminded to follow guidance noted on the Health and Wellbeing poster at various points through the session. Antibacterial hand wash and sanitizer will be available for use throughout the sessions.

Sanitizer must be kept by a responsible person to prevent loss or theft.

Service users should be asked to sanitize hands before getting into the minibus.