About Youth Vision

Youth Vision is a charity that was founded in 2005 by Sara Beauregard and Claudia Goncalves. We work with young people from South West Edinburgh that are struggling with formal education, or are excluded from school, and are not engaged in training, or employment.

We offer a range of nature based informal education services that aim to develop confidence and self-esteem to support a healthy transition to adulthood and more positive destinations.

Our vision

Is for all young people to have a healthy transition into adulthood.

Our mission

Is to provide nature based learning experiences that support healthy transitions into adulthood.


  • We can learn from nature
  • That nature has an important part to play in wellbeing
  • In taking a holistic approach to working with young people
  • That young people should be valued and respected
  • That young people should be listened to and have a voice


  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Experiential Learning
  • Informal Education
  • Collaborative Working

What we do

Our programmes offer a unique combination of conservation, nature connection, learning of traditional skills, physical activity, teamwork, play and one-to-one support and counselling. We offer a range of informal education programmes designed for young people aged 11-18.

Our key work focuses on equipping young people with life and social skills as well as practical experiences to support them in transitioning towards adulthood and positive life destinations, be it education, employment, or training.

Our programmes supports the school educational calendar, and features a pre-summer taster period as well as regular reviews and assessments to ensure we continue to meet the needs of, and be of value to, our young people.