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Our volunteer service

Youth Vision could not run without volunteers, so along with young people they are at the heart of the project and play a key role in supporting the work that we do.

It is our aim to provide a meaningful and useful experience that supports the aspirations and wishes of volunteers. The Volunteer Service is co-managed by Sara Beauregard (Field Manager) and Audrey Morrison (Development Manager).

How it works

Volunteers are asked to fill in the application form, which is available at the bottom of this page. If appropriate they will be invited to attend an informal interview to discuss their suitability for volunteering at Youth Vision.

All volunteers must provide 2 references (at least one must be work/educational related) and will be PVG checked before they begin their volunteer experience if their role involves working with vulnerable young people and adults.

To ensure the Volunteer Service is as accessible as possible we provide outdoor clothing and equipment along with a healthy lunch and free bus pick-up and drop-off at Balerno.

Volunteers are given expenses up to a maximum of £10 per day. Volunteers will be given an induction before they start volunteering at Youth Vision and can join at any point of the year. They can gain a Bronze Award for 3 months volunteering. A Silver Award for 6 months volunteering and a Gold Award for 12 months volunteering.

Volunteers will be given a reference after they have achieved their Bronze Award. We also provide in-house training and volunteers can also access other outside training opportunities as part of their volunteering experience.

Volunteer personal development

As part of our commitment to offer a meaning volunteer experience we provide 4 personal development support session a year.

The main aim of these sessions is to support the volunteer goals by the use of our Volunteer Development Plan.

The plan includes the following:

  • Goal Achievement – using a SMART model volunteers set and work towards their own goals with support from their line-manager.
  • Volunteer Log – volunteers are expected to keep a log to record their experiences and for self-reflection.
  • Learning Log – this part of the plan will be used to evidence new learning and skills and is useful for adding to your CV.
  • Awards Log – the record of achievement will show how many awards and certificates you have gained during your time with Youth Vision.

Volunteer roles

There are various reasons why people volunteer at Youth Vision.

Some people want to use the skills they already have to support the work we do, and some people want to learn new skills, so they can enhance their C.V. Some people want to work with young people, so they can get onto a course in further education.

The roles below are open to volunteers with new opportunities opening up all the time. At Youth Vision we are open to ideas and welcome suggestions for new volunteer roles.

Gardening Support Volunteer

This volunteer role directly supports the role of the Garden Worker. It includes the following responsibilities:

  • Involvement in site development
  • Involvement in seasonal ‘planning meetings’ (one each season of the year)
  • General daily supervision of trainees
  • Support trainees to learn new gardening skills
  • Support trainees to learn new life skills
  • Preparation of healthy lunch for trainees
  • Participation in end of the day ‘evaluation meetings’ to discuss the day’s activities, achievements and challenges
  • Depending on your experience you may also be given additional responsibilities to support an individual trainee, as part of your volunteer role
  • Filling out your Volunteer Log

Back on Track/Staying on Track Volunteer

This volunteer role directly supports the work of the Field Manager and Project Workers.

It includes the following responsibilities:

  • Involvement in project planning
  • General supervision of young people
  • Preparation of lunch
  • Site management
  • Development and facilitation of activities

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