Plan Bee Behive Complete

The Staying on Track project has spent the last 6 weeks building a Warre Beehive as part of the Plan Bee project which received £5,000 of funding from University of Edinburgh. 

Under the watchful eye of skilled joiner David Sibbering from, the young people learned valuable new skills and joinery techniques. Honey is not the objective and the hive will be managed sustainably. The idea is to simply observe the bees and to improve the local habitat by planting local wild flower species for this vital polinating species.

With this in mind the young people built the hive to exact Warre standars and included 2 viewing windows. This was tricky business, especially when you consider that they built it up at the cottage in varying weather conditions, completely off grid and with hand held power tools. We also ensured that all of the Larch hardwood used was sourced locally and from a sustainable provider – thank you Scottish Wood.